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The Livingston Herald from Howell, Michigan • 1

The Livingston Herald from Howell, Michigan • 1

Howell, Michigan
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HERALD. VOL I. IIOWKLL, MICHIGAN, sKlTKM 'iSKIf an, 1- i. THE LIVINGSTON There ill be a so i ll at the lvsid. ncc "Where is that Post from Y' of J.

ll, Taiy.juiau in Oeeoia, this e-n- i is in good bvM Suclr.expressiolis Welo ti be "lead nil The Howell HjiihI has been 1 'very. liand as Waddol! I tie lo furnish the. music Hrghton the Fowvilh- Ionian, a lair. ioui veterans ueservco it. i Hansford Stark has bought a liven We forgot to men! ion last week, calls stable at Miiford and i 1 i in biiisuess frtini l'lacewav of the I) I A I A 1) It IX CIS, I) A MO XI) 1 I I) I A MO I EAIt I) HOPS, J)I AM ONDCOLLAU TON there.

Argus and a line ram belonging to Clark More teachers; Ma pes district. Plain- licld, Miss Ni'liois; Thiivir district. Handy, S. H. Munsell.

Wilson Hardy and others' of this count 150 line wool lams to the Mormons, hist Monday. Her. John Alabaster, I). has Heed of Occoltt. The had been to visit Cleave Si Hriggs, just previous to casing on us.

James (iearcy writes a friend here that he was recently ship-wrecked on Lake Erie and floated idmut on a plank for a da. He is now at work on the Oscoda, a boat running between Clevo land and Saginaw. Win. Coup'a of Conw iv.nn 1 i Lucy M. Thayer of Howell were thelirt con ile to take out a marriage license in this county.

They were married by liev. J. II. Ki'p itrick, at the home of lie brides parents in this city, his Wednesday afternoon. lectured in this city a nu of times, died at Clifton Springs X.

a fewdays itg'o The till January 1st and the Ccnler six weeks lor '20 cents. Xow all parties are represented in our c'ubbjug oilers. I'm tune knocks at every man's door, nt she doesn't go hunting through heer otis lor him il he happens 'to he out, -Puck All theater goers in this city remember Tucker ltowen'scoinpany and thj i -xctTciit record thev have made in How- in: FINEST STOCK OF DIAMONDS EVER SIIOWX IX the corx rY and It I' KICKS THAT WILL Miui'iiisi-: ox Woman, lovely Woman, is running this little worldofours to a considerable extent. In her own pecular way. With only the touch of a soft caressing hand and a few gentle words she opens the innermost raw of our pocket-book, gets pur lust dollar hill and- GOES TO CHAPEL 'S JEWELRY STORE 1 and gets a 'I he Detroit Tribune or Fn I'ress, Ioui cents ami the Min-fm, a strong support, will p'ay East vi.

i till January 1st, free lo each sul l.ynne, the Opera House, next Monday evening. Admission, aud 3oc. Ho-served seats at Parker's. Hev.rf 15. Joodson Marion, closed a two year pastorale at that place ith the close of conference.

His health is completely broken down and he has been obliged to give up pastoral work aud lias gone to reside in Detroit. His receipts for last ear's labor ere' as fo'-lows; Marion llayner's 11, r. Iosco li, have- appointed I. The new show windows of Stowe iV. Johnson and II.

('. Lriggs present a very tine appearance as arranged al present. County Clerk Ilyan says that he has never had much recording of i tues in time as tim ing the pa -I v.e-K. Win liiad'cy who -preached fir the iti' iiaJists al and, hst year, is now filling ihc'M. P.

work' at While 3LiO CHARLES H. BROWN, Parson's old stand. Puisoiis. Atel Eugene Ilurn- Chad wick close's his second singing phrey ainl Cal WilctVx a committee on class, with a' eoiieeij, this evening. His I soldiers monimcli(.

These gentlemen class will lie by seeral from intend canvassing for subscriptions kti oih-r nlaces. erect sti' li a stone as will honor our COMING EVENTS. Fcnton Pair, i ii-r-. a 7. Stuckliridtn' l'aii, net.

1-T. IlaiHToft Il I. liriKlHHii "ir, Hit. II M. A long; felt want in many, a household.

noble-th a Let no citien refuse tho Thtf entertainment by ihe Jubilee King at the Opera lloue, last li.L.y -vlMtiee do g-md with ins numey cl Which would now be worthless hut for evening, wa.s raliu-r snni aiieini The ot ty in about Ss. -ihe giving uj of those noble Jives. Tin- Sabbath School at the Tooley ilii.iiii Davisoi' LOCAL. a Henry O's aV Haml. was one 'of the gate keepers' at i be Mason iS: I loinsi al'in Company payed al'Kie Opera 1 ludi School House, Celloa, closed for Ibis an i iog lb" las' to f-cajie ina; nurricu iu 'time Marri last night.

A Pinkcy 'ad 1 ,11 1 C.cniiaH usonage in Lo li Hi' Cohoctah Cora Sj-i of the same ace'.nib'ulH-r. 1---7. till I Kev. year with appropn it eXerci-tes. Sunday.

Kev. Win. Service I thesehoti! in ti and instructive' manner. A history of the Sabbath land from its Hist orgatiiatian was lead by Hay Hit. hard.

Several of the Id Superintemlel.ts were present, aia! kpoko l.l.t lv of the asssovi it iolis jimes at picture of Sunday Siooi Cia-a was pFtseiiled to ss Martha. Oro4io by Miss May Kichar Is in a few well chosen Fine music was provi bv the choir. Tiie has, Our show cases are chuck lull of laTest designs, in aim, BRACELETS, FIHS, CHASES lei- was a in i yta.K. will a Hi oil that. -iuleircsting ouMrv r.

church', 'next evening. I i tl his ollice ilue to twenty iiuat'ts o( i.aii a d.ty recently. Too. late, ye cannot cine ruo ma ri i i life now in this county Kyan sax to. AiaTlioW (here- is' (lia-nd Trunk Uie mtn part tit this coirus v.

The ts.pcra House boasts a n-'in new coniice on Ihe sale, a touch needed improvement. David 1 way for specMiHS 'f prospered under thecai vsif Prof, JJarms. 1 i uCicioiis EOT, visit to the Ijilium St boo' in Put nan, la-t found that Miss. Katie Hoaeh who closes a vt tv successful term there, today, knows how to -With the most careful tins she instructed both little and big pupils in expression, emphasis.

Kxlurai ion of Tiuitat the was very tine. Houses as rmi'. V. Sa'mou will be in Howe 1 for tU- next ten days or two weeks to ure.base car of gCKul horses for which fair prices will be Veva ullcn Clplftred Hie pteiiiiusi for I e.t spcciuieu vit peiiman -hip, at the Fowltu ille fair. James Dixon of Conway was OUR SILVER WARE bjjrjcU hist Friday.

She had heu sick a sorce of attention esjiecially to those paid CaT at the Hubert House lor several weeks, of brt.inchetis. land protiouaeiation, poinls contemplating making Mou tjiiue Hro's iiew importation ofi which many teachers entirely We will furnish the Hkuald until neglect Miss K.wh's older pupi's pre- January 1st t8S, for ten cents. Send it Shropshire Sheep numbered forty-two, among which vas a rani-Whit h'twik first pretnium at the Toronto Fair, and is oWof the finest of the Wood in this County. 9t Iter. J.

II. Kilmtrick and family have -OR- pare, daily au exercise of one stanza some popular poem and receive dri I its delivery. The exercises of this kind hile we were present ere a credit to both teacher and pupils. The subject matter, history and authors tme discussed in connection "with the selections. JUiss Roach has been hired to your al.

eat -friends for-that time. The Probate Office lias been supplied rt ith full set of reportsof the Supreme Court decisions, und.r the new law. y.r. and Mrs. Ed Sweet lost their six months old daughter, 'ast Saturday.

The fuueral was held on Sunday afternoon. The School at the Parker hurth, Oceola, wi 1 giva'a rt "oii arrired and the elder has commenced his lab here." His laiuistratkms last SaV bath wereliialily cnioyed by all present Goo Ht Cliapol, kev, Jos ia and faniily liav uoyoti' Cor. Store..

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